Estancia La Sofía
Boutique Hotel & Polo Resort

Welcome to La Sofía. A place to spend your vacation, relax and play polo or take a ride on horseback.

Ingles Español Frances

Steak & Wine

At La Sofía we love good food and we appreciate a good glass of wine. That is why we create our dishes with great dedication and go out of our way to provide the best home-made regional cuisine to our guests. Marcos is a passionate and authentic amateur “chef” who takes pleasure in personally supervising the meat cutting and everything that happens in the kitchen. His irresistible beefsteaks have inspired many guests to describe them as: “The best I´ve ever had!” To ensure our guests have a perfect culinary experience we offer homemade bread and jam in the morning, and Argentine beef, empanadas combined with a selection of regional wines from our private wine cellar and vegetables, very often right out of our organic garden. At tea time Silke sometimes surprises her guests with delicious German family recipes.

In order to eat well, you need to set the table properly. At La Sofía we focus on all the details in order to get them just right, and turn every meal into a special moment.