Estancia La Sofía
Boutique Hotel & Polo Resort

Welcome to La Sofía. A place to spend your vacation, relax and play polo or take a ride on horseback.

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Half- & Full day Rides

Day in the countryside with a long horse ride, either a half or a full day, picnic and/or Argentine barbecue:

We especially recommend one of our horseback tours that take our guests through the local countryside and may include a visit to a traditional village. Activities are designed according to the preferences of our guests (min. 2 people): the long horse ride can kickoff with a breakfast or finish with tea or else, we stop for a delicious Argentine barbecue (barbecue can be replaced with a picnic, if preferred) in the middle of the tour. If you are short of time, we also offer three hour horse rides with a picnic out in the countryside. Have a nice cup of tea or sip on a glass of champagne watching the sunset while listening to the sound of a horse neighing or the birds singing.

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