Estancia La Sofía
Boutique Hotel & Polo Resort

Welcome to La Sofía. A place to spend your vacation, relax and play polo or take a ride on horseback.

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Near-by activities

The estancia is located 15 km (9 miles) from San Antonio de Areco, one of the most traditional towns in Argentina, home of the best silversmiths, painters and a variety of handicrafts. The Ricardo Güiraldes museum is the center of Gaucho tradition and can be visited in the outskirts of town.
Four km (three miles) away from La Sofía is located the picturesque town of San Andres de Giles with its history. At the end of the day the “Gaucho Bar” serves drinks and more in an atmosphere that takes the visitor back in time...and if you get lucky, you may even have the pleasure to listen to a traditional guitar session...

If you want to go shopping or feel like buying polo gear, tailor-made riding and polo boots, Pilar or Buenos Aires, about 50 / 100 km (30 / 60 miles) from La Sofía, are the places to go.